IDIOMATIC currently shown at the French Institute of Munich

March 15, 2019

IDIOMATIC, A Jewellery Conversation Between France and Germany is an enthusiastic conversation between pieces of jewellery created by the newest generation of both French and German artists. Curated by Céline Sylvestre, Annie Sibert and Marion Delarue, the show is on display until the 17th of March, as part of the Munich Jewellery Week 2019.

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Currently part of the New York City Jewelry Week

November 13, 2018

White Gold, Clay Body is shown in the iconic windows of E.R Butler & Co. The exhibition, curated by Janna Gregonis and Brice Garrett, is featuring the works of Trinidad Contreras, Marion Delarue, Brice Garrett, Janna Gregonis, Rebecca Hannon, Julia Harrison, Lauren Kalman, Karen Lester, Marcie McGoldrick, Luzia Vogt, Manon van Kouswijk and Selen Özus.

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