Korean women are unaware of their natural beauty and often yield to doll-like stereotypes which invariably lead them to plastic surgery. They then become the plaything of some sadistic surgeons’ surreal fantasies, who nick, slice and gather their flesh at their leisure. Imitating the “Exquisite Corpse” logic (invented by the Surrealists in the thirties), they create unreal assemblies which resemble perfect dolls: artificial, specious and distorted, they seem to be non-living objects, like adorable cadavers.

This neckpiece’s technical process is therefore based upon the method specific to articulated porcelain dolls, but follows the rules of the “Exquisite Corpse” game. It was created during a ceramic residency at the Clayarch Gimhae Museum, in South Korea.

Neckpiece. Casted & polished Korean pink porcelain, stringing elastic cord for articulated porcelain doll.